Tuesday, 28 May 2013


      One of the hardest virtues is patience, even i can't wait to see what this blog can do and achieve with its intended purpose. But on second thought, i know good things come to those who wait. it is my dream to make Changemakers a trend (#Changemakers), and change making people, a community (@changers).
    After a lot of strategies, analysis, researching and resource acquisition. I feel or rather believe this should be the right time for espousing all the facets and attributes that would necessitate a revolutionary change in my community>nation>continent>and the world at large.
   That is not  to say change is not already an ongoing process, because the mere grasping of the idea of change, #Changemakers and Changemaking,  is more than enough momentum to bring about change in its entirety. Real change making isn't achieved through institutions and facilities, it can only be achieved through a heart searching process and a self realisation on the idea of change itself, a great teacher once said "man know thyself".
   The greatest ally for change is time, and i hope you can sacrifice yours occasionally in viewing the content of this blog Arena.
   For easy categorisation of content i have created other additional pages listed on the tab sections as;

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  With the constant changing of trends and times, there might be need to create additional tabs and content categories, when this is done, it would be promoted and brought to attention.

   Apart from this blog, there are a number of social media platforms and interactive communities which would constantly feature engaging and rich contents in a unique and user friendly style that would soon be associated with 9jaGreenArena. So as long as you are on any Internet enabled device/gadget you could access 9jaGreenArena through the following platforms; i

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   9jaGreenArena would herald a new trend, and we hope you would be among the pioneers of this phenomenal Arena.




     Change is about creating a better version of you, the desire to improve yourself or create a new world for yourself; it may involve you quitting smoking, learning new habits such as being punctual, becoming psychic, keeping fit, becoming more religious, learning and developing your business ...............................................