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          While looking for a proper definition for change, i was tempted to check in a dictionary, but i realized it’s not a subject alien to us, it’s something we live with, even as you read this text millions of your brain cells has to undergo changes in other for you to comprehend, in fact your eyes have to change directions within its socket to see, led me to question if we truly understand what change is... a science? a word? a quantity?  Whatever answers we attribute to it i can tell you change is an essence for existence.
    From the fetus in the womb to complex algorithms and systems, they all require change, change and time are two intricately woven quantities. Without change life is impossible. Any given established system requires change for it to work. The very universe itself is an arrangement of constantly changing systems. Even the very composition of microscopic cells undergoes a continuous changemaking process.
    Some peeps already be like “ what’s the big issue about change ”, i would tell you why, without change life itself is impossible. Change is the very essence of life. The air we breathe causes needed changes in our body metabolism that provides us the elixir of life. So just so you know, if you don’t understand what change entails then your view of life is more or less a parody.
    Why does everyone require to have a right orientation on the issue of change? And what are the best strategies in application of this infamous life virtue. The greatest people in the world today are known for the level or extent of change they wrought. They refused to accept what was regarded as the *mod us operand i* of their time, they questioned, they searched, and their legacies have undoubtedly reshaped the world we now live in.










The above listed persons are just examples from an ever increasing list of changemakers from various spheres of life, you can easily become a part of this list ...you! yes you reading this now.

EVERYONE A CHANGEMAKER .........even you!


    Why do you have to waste your time in reading this?    The simplest and  greatest truths in life are mostly covered and overpowered with a rampage of lies and wrong ideologies, we are to create our world, we are to make our world what we desire it to be. You don’t have to be Albert Einstein,  Mahatma Ghandi, Florence Nightingale etc, to become part of a dynamic universe of great changemakers, as simple as making a decision to become a better person or doing a little deed of kindness is enough to plant a seed of change that would grow and expand to become tomorrow’s Amazon.

    It all starts from a desire to wrought change, a burning desire to be different, a continuous search for answers, a choice to become an avenue for changemaking process.....
happiness is a choice
 ......it all boils down to you and the desire to be limitless, the desire to maximize your unfathomable potentials .


 A SECRET TR£A$UR£ MAP.............................................

     Change is all about creating a better version of you, the desire to improve yourself or create a new world for yourself; it may involve you quitting smoking, learning new habits such as being punctual, becoming psychic, keeping fit, becoming more religious, learning and developing your business acumen...........
     ...... the list for what we can become is infinite. All we require for achieving our desired change is a willingness to sacrifice. To become better at whatever you do, to become passionate about your dreams and be ready to  sacrifice either in finance, time, efforts, relationship or whatever would be necessary for sacrificing in the pursuit for your dreams and visions.
   The list below encapsulates my personal ideology for a changemaker. It would help you begin your journey, but as you continue through life’s changing processes, you will find out we all have a story to tell and different pathways to tread.


1.     Change must be realistic, achievable and measurable.
 2.     Change requires you to go out of your comfort zone. 
3.     Create a vision, have a goal, see and know the future. 
4.     Don’t ever let up, when faced with obstacles...... forge on. 
5.     Always keep track of where you are and where you are going.
 6.     Never waste time on activities that negates your effort....never!
 7.     Be flexible, keep a open mind......change in itself is a variable.
 8.     Have plans, plan A, plan B, and plan C....... always have a back-up plan
 9.     Be prepared for failure.....know every point of failure is a platform for your next thrust.
 10.         Commit yourself, your mind, your heart and all your being in becoming what you want to be. 
11.          Learn from the masters......many have trod the way before you.... learn from them.

You can start with these or look for a very proficient and more inspirational person or material, but whatever you do please, please and please....................



                     The biggest obstacle is and would continually be procrastination, why wait, why push your success forward, why start enjoying your life tomorrow when you can start enjoying it today. Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, however shaky take that step today, just make a decision both consciously and unconsciously to become an achiever and a #Changemaker, and the world is yours.

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