Saturday, 17 August 2013

The JG Syndrome


......... Are you still in school? .........just graduated? ..........or soon to graduate?

       Many final year students are so busy with final year activities, final year exams, project presentation, FYB activities and after exam celebrations etc. They loose all track of time, trend and events. You see so many with social media status showing,
  graduation loading,.. or ten(10) days to go... etc.
   Fact is graduation days usually come and go, jolly period i tell you! but the feeling of euphoria and freedom from academic settings gradually turns stale. What is left is usually a vacuum characterised by a sense of emptiness and life searching questions, questions like;

  • What does the future hold?
  • How do i get financial leverage?
  • What can i offer in the job market?
  • What essential skills do i have to leverage competitors?
  •  Do i venture into business, do i have a skill for it?
  • What business can i start, how can i finance it? 
These and many more questions would continually play across your mind, or subconscious mind depending on how much value you want to affix your future.

The JG syndrome is the point where every fresh graduate begins to ponder what the future holds for him or happens to everyone so don't get depressed about it. Instead seek for the best answers to the questions plaguing your heart!



  If you are a fresh or soon to become graduate, and you have been able to put together a source of income for yourself in the form of a business or you know just exactly what to do and you have the resources to doing it.... i say bravo! lucky you! Because it is almost impossible to engage in business ventures while still embroiled in academic work, especially with Nigerian academic communities. This article however is mainly for the other 98% who have are still at a cross-roads on what decisions to take, in other for them to maximise their potentials.

Who was it that said "man know thyself" ......the greatest strength of a person comes from a total realisation of himself. Who am i? should be the pertinent question you should answer today.
Knowing who you are is the best starting point for any given situation one could be facing. And being at a crossroad dilemma after graduation is a good point for self realisation. If you want to wait for government beneficiary programs.....Goodluck! and mind you i don't mean President Goodluck! what i meant was a sympathetic and sarcastic blend of the word Good_luck. No need delving into the in-efficient and lack of interest of government on the nations future...You. Instead reach out for yourself.


start small

   Rome was not built in a day, and this is the singular problem essence many graduates face (Arriving without travelling), in a bid to meet up with...... (very often than not) unnecessary trends and luxuries (cars, gadgets, and flexing topping the list), they find themselves in a financial quagmire. And i tell you, this is a very *hot and itchy balls* situation to be in just after graduation. Although most fresh graduate finish their last race in school with a lot of investments in project and sorting (yes i mean sorting lecturers), but the worst they could do for themselves is adding any other frivolous expenses or luxury to this already demanding system, no matter how tempting and desirous it is. That is not to say you should not Pop champagne! on graduation do....Flex well on graduation day if you can, but be wise about it.

If you can fly please fly like a winch,.. if you can run then knack-out like Olsen Bolt,... if na just waka...please waka like person wen dey find job, if you can only crawl..don't waste time, creep like a para-olympian!.....but by any means possible ensure you are in motion....9jaGreenArena proverbs... coming soon! 


   Was it Brian Tracy who said "if you fail to plan, you have planned to fail"

So what do you plan for?.......and how long should your plans project into your future?
If there is anything all successful people agree on, it is that you see your future in your minds eyes way-long before you arrive successfully at it. Its called VISION, without a vision it is impossible to make a good plan.
     What you can do is take time to meditate, whatever makes you go into a relaxed and meditative state should be your major concern such as a walk in the woods or jungle as the case may be, listening to cool and stirring songs etc,........... if you don't know how to meditate properly you can't have a VISION, sorry. And without a VISION, you can't make any productive plans. It could be a vision to become top in your professional career as a Doctor, Engineer or Lab specialist, it could be a vision to become an Entertainer, singer or dancer, whatever Vision you are able to grasp, would be paramount to your success. Because your vision is the only guide that would take you to a Passion filled career. 
     But a word of caution, our heart knows what it truly wants, so make adequate adjustment in other for your plan to be flexible, if your plan is very flexible it would accommodate changes in whatever form such as political, socio-economic and job market requirements etc.
Start now, VISUALISE and Plan.

Nobody said it was easy, and nobody said it would get easier, but you can build yourself against as many negative despondencies as you would like. A wise man once said, .........."if you think school is hard, try truck pushing",

JG..Just Graduated!
  But i am happy you made it, you are now a graduate , so a JG syndrome should be the least of your problems, its time to finally join the working class community, ensure your success in this demanding society with your VISION and your plans as your two most valuable arsenal.

The time would pass, whether you like it or not.... so take charge of your life today, start something simple as meditating about your future.



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