Saturday, 17 August 2013



  Every man desires a woman, a woman who would love them, and who they can love unreservedly, as strange as this would likely sound to the majority of the lady folks.. That is what the majority of men want in general. Every man, whether he being a player, womaniser, workaholic, unruly or rugged, simply wants the love a woman can give. Its an inherent and phenomenal part of nature that cannot easily be undermined. It’s  part of the essence of our existence as humans. Its a phenomenal nature has programmed into every single man..except extremist(gays of course).
  The deviations from this simple and unadulterated truth stems from a number of intricacies that could be aptly traced to the women folks themselves.. Women whom we as men were supposed love and attain their love generally are programmed to negate this system... they are the reason we can’t love them the way we really want to....yes, i know you want to know the reason why i said so.... read on.
  Without any sentimentalism majority of my species (guys, bro’s, niggies, mehn) would join my band wagon ,which has a sticker that says "women always want and can never be satisfied", Any normal guy(man) would be satisfied with a simple, easy and stress-less life in general. Men in general wouldn’t mind just having the basics of life which simply includes, food, clothing, and shelter and each of these in their simplest forms..ok add getting high to the with food, clothing, shelter and highness every men on earth would be very ok, and this world would be a very peaceful and cool place to chill in, i swear!, just think about it..there would be little or no problem, cause we would all be guys..getting high together, understanding each other easily.. But nature didn’t want it that way. Nature had to add a little spicing to the universe, it added a little something for every man to desire and want, a little something that could give us joy and pain at the same time, a little something that could make us laugh and cry at the same time.. And from this little something nature had to add to our inherent instincts stems the biggest palava (problem) and predicament of mankind. Nature added wanted every single man on earth to desire the love of a woman. Its just impossible to be feel complete and whole without knowing the love of a woman. And this desire of man was just a simple perk nature used in spicing d universe,  d world could have a little flavour..buh probably what nature didn't foresee and plan for was the havoc, drama, and most often times tragedy!  This little spicing of it would bring down on its innocent prototype masterpiece(men).
   Objectively and without any sentiments(which is not possible) attached......... (Anticipatedly every lady reading this is already raising an eyebrow)... well please ladies let me finish..

Guys, well you see.. the glitches, snags and hitches of the womenfolk has never been overly under-emphasised ( forgive my sentimental tautology) . Many a great thinker, poets, world leaders, scientist and even great bible writers, have had to ruminate on this subject and mostly come out with the same theories.....which is "women can never be understood". But this may not be entirely true. If you know your bible well, you would know who and what caused the demise of king Solomon the wisest man who ever lived....women!
    While working on a book project, I had an epiphany, (funny how d mind of men always wanders to women, even amidst crucial issues) ...and I feel I have to let the rest of the brotherhood cognizant about my revelations. The secret behind women is simple, yet intricately spider woven into the very fabrics of our everyday lives. Every woman wants three simple, basic things from us men. Surprised?  Yea!.. just three simple things out of the whole chock-full universe... And these things are simply...our time, our money and our attention Scanty list you say.. let me list them out so you have an idea how scanty women wants list from us men are.



   Truth is, its not like any of these individual needs from the women folk couldn't be sacrificed by us for them. But you see..(smiling..cause the guys nodding their head in accordance, while the ladies preparing the best form of sentimental response to dish out for me..lmao!) , Any way here is the interesting part..Time, money and attention can never be fully separated from each other... Our money and our time have pledged a oath of allegiance, bonded by the greatest forces of the universe. So we give either one away, and we lose the other..that is ..we lose both on the long run!
 As for our attention, it might seem not too valuable so we can easily share this for the dames? No we can’t!!!, Our Attention is a whore that must spend  her time with our money and our time. According to her (attention) whenever we spend money we gotta pay attention to whatever we spending on, and whenever we spend time..undoubtedly we gotta pay attention to what we spending our time on.* Na dia our wahala dey so*. Because whenever we give a woman any of this three things, which they want in totality from us, we loose ourselves and become nothing..and then again a woman can never want NOTHING! she don't want nothing she wants all three things...which equates to ; EVERYTHING!  a man has.. What a tragic plight nature had to enjoin us in, all we wanted was just trhe love of a woman, but she in return wants EVERYTHING(time, money, attention)...if not for this little twitchy anomaly... This world would be paradise for us all.. Buh alas Women! Women!... Buh shaa make e for nor loss. As a great man once said "this world would be a easier place to live in without women, but again without them it wouldn't be beautiful and intriguing".....