Saturday, 24 May 2014

IDEAS! Part1

IDEAS (part 1)

Man has achieved much since the time when he first lived in caves, and barely survived to the next day. Now man can boast of having walked on the moon, and inventing numerous technological miracles. It seems there is a genetically in-built driver force in man, which makes him never satisfied with whatever condition he finds himself. Rather, man continually strives to better his living conditions or just becomes creative for the sole sake of innovation and creativity. And this is where 'ideas' play its crucial role; ideas are the essence of change and growth, the backbone on which innovation and inventions ride.
 An idea is the unique way nature affords man in finding solutions to his problems. There is a popular saying  (warri)  “If hungry beat you, you go discover your talent”.  *pics of necessity is the mother of invention*
Truth is a lot of people have the wrong ideology about ideas (its generation and development). 
Do you know that you can develop and train yourself into becoming proficient in idea generation and development? Yea it’s a Fact! The act of being innovative can be learned and mastered and I hope this post will become a stepping stone in showing just how feasible and efficient our idea generating and developing skill can be harnessed. Though it depends largely on the individual, and that is if one is truly ready to develop and adopt the attitude of productivity and creativity in problem solving.
Both the plant and animal kingdom thrive on ideas and innovation for survival, the only consistent thing in the world is change    see post on Change!  so there is a constant need to adapt  our approach to our environment, and only ideas which would lead to innovation is capable of achieving this. Charles Darwin says survival of the fittest, but in today’s competitive world it is more about the survival of the better ideology.


In generating ideas it is crucial to have relevant knowledge on the subject issue. A rich bank of knowledge is the fertile ground on which ideas can germinate and flourish.
FINDING NEMO was such a detailed animated movie, full with marine creatures whose personality was fully captured in the characters of the movie. The major secret to its success was the fact that everyone connected directly and even in-directly with the making of the movie was made to undergo classes in marine biology. My point exactly? The ideas which translated into making the movie superb! Where all gotten from a fertile knowledge of marine biology! This is the best way we can prepare ourselves for germinating ideas.
Don't forget to watch-out for the other parts of our post on ideas; generating ideas, developing ideas.

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