Friday, 26 September 2014



 (“nearly every major breakthrough innovation has been preceded by a string of failed or misguided execution”…Frans Johansson)
    When an idea takes hold of you, it is expedient to hold onto it, and never let go (like Jacob’s fighting with the angel).

Personally I keep an idea journal where I write every idea that flashes through my mind. Any true and ingenious idea you get will never lose its spark when you go through your idea journal, regardless of how long you may have kept it shelved-up.
 Rather it opens up into new and potential possibilities every time you review it. In a general sense, developing an idea is something we do almost every day albeit subconsciously.  

            Let me give an instance with a day I wouldn’t forget easily; it was one of those very hot afternoon, after unending periods of intense lectures during my university school days. Me and a couple of starving friends where patiently waiting in the bus stand. When one of my friends who was frustrated-ly famished voiced out what was going on his head, he said he was just thinking what he would do, if he was suddenly given a million buck(million dollars). Then another friend (also desperately hungry) picked up the train of thought, and decided a million buck wouldn’t suffice, rather, it should be a room full of cash, still another not satisfied with just the room filled with hard currency suggested he wanted: a magic room full of money, whereby, whatever amount of cash he took from the room would be instantly replaced, (like I said the sun was hot and we were starving). 

        The point is, a simple idea when voiced out was instantly developed into a more efficient ideology (in this case; a room filled with magically replaced currencies).

   Take time today and critically identify those ideas, you carry in your head. Visualize them as dreams coming to fulfillment and strategically begin the necessary plans towards achieving them. 

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