Friday, 27 February 2015



FIFA PRO 13 is one of the most interesting games that anyone can enjoy on their android phone, but this bit of pleasure comes with some palavas for the user on the long run. These palavas may not come all at once, but it creeps in gradually, below are some of the effects of constantly playing pro 13 on your android phones.

Ø It become slow and sluggish over time: When this app is installed on your phone it occupies a very large memory on the device which makes the phone to lag and slows down, and it affects the generally running of the device.

Ø Damages the battery: Frequent playing of game drains the battery, and PRO-13 gamers on Android devices do not care about saving their battery for anything else as long as they can use all of it to play the game. Pro-13 is one of the biggest battery drainers, with time this bad habit will reduce the life span of your device battery from long term to short term.

Ø It becomes hot: when playing FIFA pro 13 on android devices, the phone becomes unbearably hot most times. This in turn goes to affecting the “mother board” of the smartphone and it pushes electronic inputs at a much faster rate than when you write a message. Playing the game requires a lot of resources from your phone and it represents the most obvious cause for overheating, and this may lead to damage of the integrated circuit of the device, the phone starts to malfunction.

Ø Its time wasting: Time is the most valuable and most perishable of all our possession, time is free but its priceless you cant own it, but you can use it, you cant keep it but you can spend it, once you have lost it you cant get it back, instead of spending much time playing PRO 13 which causes a lot of damages on your phone why not invest that time in other profitable things? You can download good educational .pdfs to read or watch tutorial videos and learn new skills-  Time waits for no one....


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