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The problem with education today is that, it leaves the student with little opportunity for starting or even managing a business while he or she is still embroiled in academic activities. Becoming Entrepreneurial is a very important skill to develop even while in school. The society of today offers little or no job opportunity for

For a student in school, the ability to manage an enterprise, no matter how minuscule it may be; will guarantee how far he/she would go in the business world. Below we will outline some tips and practices that will help a person journey through school while being successful in both academics and business.

young graduates, so the only reasonable alternative is to start something up for yourself. If you are passionate about the business you wish to do and diligently follow up on it, then you are guaranteed to attain success.

DON'T DO TOO MUCH - One of the greatest mistake ambitious people and students make is trying to do too much with their already conscripted time. For a student who wants to succeed in business while still in school; Time management is a pivotal skill to learn. The ability to merge Academic activities (attending lectures, doing assignments, research works and projects etc) with business pursuit will make the student entrepreneur develop efficient management skills. But this is often a risky venture, if the student entrepreneur does not effectively balance-out his time and schedule, he is bound to crumble under the workload.

Plan your school activities objectively, identify all the free times you can squeeze out from it, and fill them with your business activities- providing these activities will not overly drain your mental and physical energies for the next day's school work.  No matter your desire for success, leave sufficient time for interacting with friends and resting. If you allow yourself to break down under too much work and activity, you will lose out eventually.

PLAN AND SCHEDULE - The greater percentage of the students in school do things without planning or thinking. They react to school work as it comes. They only read during examination periods and do their assignments at the die-moments. Usually these kinds of people are the ones who do not fail to mark their registered presence on every party on campus. If not for malpractice and lecturers collecting bribe (Sorting), many university Students will spill over each year.
The student engaged in business activity should not fall into this category; he must be able to plan his school work and activities. He must be able to set achievable goals and plan towards realizing them. As a student Entrepreneur- Have a target each year, and break it into Monthly, weekly and daily plans. Every day as you wake-up, you should have a clear idea of what the day's activity will entail, make plans for actualizing school works and projects, also make plans for your business activities and how to develop your business.

Make every second count; School Hostel environments usually encourage mindless chatting. Avoid being dragged into arguing with people who are neither constructive nor reasonable. The precious time you spend in arguing about premiership football (EPL) or politics or big brother could be utilized for increasing your online market reach. Work according to plans- for it is said that;
"The man who has failed to plan, has conscientiously planned to fail"

UTILIZE RESOURCES & IDENTIFY OPPORTUNITIES - As you trod through the ordeal of managing a business alongside your academic activities, you will need to maximize every opportunity that God blesses you with. If you have friends that can assist, involve them in your business activity to take some pressure from off you. Learn to use technology, software and the Internet to automate simple tasks. You can set reminders and set dates with Google Calendar; you can use tools like Zapier, Canva or Buffer for different kinds of automation. Subscribe to newsletters from  business websites and stay up to date with relevant development programs like YouWin and SMEToolkit which supports student entrepreneurship.

While looking for opportunity, ensure you are prepared for it when it comes. Develop and rehearse a three minutes pitch of your business activity and why it is not just important to you and your community, but to your probable investor.
Opportunities come in many disguises, do not get utterly discouraged at every downfall, bounce back up and look for the positivity in the situation.

Out of adversity comes advantage. Employ patience- for it is a virtue, and opportunity will single you out for success. Only, just be prepared when it comes knocking on your door. 

PASSION AND ENTHUSIASM - By far the singular factor necessary for your successfully managing a business in school. The 'Will' and the 'Passion' are intimately woven together. The greater the passion, the stronger the will. Those who eventually succeed are those of extreme Will-power, driven by phenomenal passion. People like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are successful because of the drive and energy they put into their activities.

The kind of passion and enthusiasm being talked about here is that of a stubborn or tenacious nature. Hold strongly to the vision of success, conceptualize what your business should be even after school, and work towards it. Noting good comes easy, according to Steve Jobs; If you love what you do, and do what you love, work ceases to become drudgery and boring; but instead becomes fun.

Coping with a business while in school is no easy task, It could be that you are into sales of clothing and accessories like perfume, or you have a photocopy center, or run a photography and passport studio. The list of businesses a person can do in school is endless. What is most important is the tenacious drive of the student: A mind for business and a desire for success is the basic recipe for sustaining and managing a business while in school.

And as we always say, "Trust in the Creator, and He shall direct your path."

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