The rate of technology adoption in Nigeria is fast growing. Places like Lagos and Port-Harcourt are seeing tremendous emergence of Tech hubs and tech startups.

 But for some other areas in the country especially the South-South region, Warri, Delta State precisely; there seems to be lethargy in the adoption of tech trends or to put it more aptly there is poor e-readiness.

Warri is one of the note-worthy cities in Nigeria, blessed with abundant oil and gas resources and also known for its numerous militant agitations; the city has all the resources, intrigues and trappings of becoming the next IT capital in Nigeria.
 It is in this vision that the Warri for IT (WaFIT) movement is birthed. 

The Warri for IT movement is founded by Mr. Edirin Atumah who like many other talented persons with humble origins in Warri is doing amazingly well in the Uk as a professional Software developer. He has decided to bring back home to Warri - a digital gospel that Warri can become the IT capital of Nigeria.

Taking on such a task is monumental and will demand self-sacrificing and doggedness, but Mr Edirin Atumah is willing to pay and has indeed started paying. Leaving his family in the UK, Mr Edirin has started a network of Hubs and meetups, planned conferences and many more projects to further the dream of the WaFIT movement.

People, especially the young people are responding positively to this opportunity created in favor of them.  Organizations such as LinkOrion Technology, New Warri, Clean Warri, Warri Update, Warri Shop and also, we here at 9jaGreen Arena have joined in this Movement of heralding the digital gospel that Warri will become great again through IT.

The Warri for IT movement starting from its recently held DIY Meetup at the official headquarters of the organization on the 9th of Feb. 2017 has planned a series of engaging activities to further its vision. Some of the activities highlighted for this year includes:
  • ·         Quarterly Tech Meet Ups
  • ·         Boot Camp
  • ·         Warri Software Professionals Conference
  • Digital skill Training 
9jaGreen Arena in its vision to create an army of changemakers and positive disruptors in their community; is solidly in collaboration with the Warri For IT ( #WaFIT )movement.

Can the famous Oil city of Warri become the IT capital of Nigeria? Can it lead cities such as Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt in innovation? This is the question the Warri For IT movement sets out to answer and establish.

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"Over 70% of Small and Medium scale business crumble within the first three years in Nigeria. This is to say, if you and four of your friends start a business today, only one of you is likely to survive after three years." 

Do not let this mere fact deter you, the StartSmallToday free Online event will ensure you are positioned to Start a business (no matter how small), and that you and your business are well positioned for total Independence. 

'StartSmallToday' is a Premier entrepreneurship development program  from the 9jaGreenArena team. The program will focus on business development and best practice models that anyone who wishes to start a business can adopt in today's ICT dominated world. The event will be run as a free online seminar for young people (Students especially), and small to medium scale business owners.
The program is intended to teach the basics of business models that can easily be adopted by small startups and business owners. Young people (especially those in  tertiary institutions) will most especially benefit immensely from this event, since the event will highlight the intricacies of starting a small business with  little or nothing in their pockets. The event will take full flight on the 1st of October 2015. So as you enjoy the Independence Holiday, you can gain valuable tips and information; guaranteed to give you financial independence. 

" Success in business requires  training and discipline and hard work. But if you are not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were,- David Rockefeller "

PROBLEM STATEMENT- While it is true that starting a business in Nigeria is like planting maize in a desert-like kind of environment; it will take only the grace of God to make it grow. This is mainly because the environment has little or no resources that is aimed at helping the average aspiring student or business person  in starting and growing  their business. So our Event will fulfill the following objective for each of its participants;

OBJECTIVE OF THE EVENT - The major objective for this event is to provide business information such as: implementable Startup Tips and Entrepreneurial insight to Starting  and Managing a business in the Nigerian environment. All who would follow the event Online are set to learn these and get many more resources by participating in the event. The event is guaranteed to:
- Provide participants with valuable insights on standard business practices.
- Expose participants to a variation of business ideas.
- Outline business development processes that can easily be replicated.
- Encourage participants to develop business interest and entrepreneurial attitude.
- Provide links and resources of programs that support businesses of Students and Small to Medium Enterprise owners.  

The event will be run Online for free, all a person needs do is follow the discussion on all 9JaGreenArena Social Media platforms-  especially our Facebook page. It is from  our Facebook page that we will be interacting with our audience mostly. 

-There will be question and answer sessions.
-Gifts and vouchers will be given to active participants.
-Links and resources to more informational platforms that will help every small business will be made available.

FOLLOWING THE EVENT ONLINE  - The events will be so structured that participants can easily follow the discussion and posts online. We will post on all our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google plus pages, LinkedIn and Website.). The posts will be tagged sequentially by numbers ie: #1, #2 ......#n. So anyone can easily follow the discussion sequentially.
Participants can ask questions, and drop comments as the event progresses. To ensure all your friends and followers also benefit from  the event, ensure you invite them to like and follow the event on our social media platforms. The event will be promoted with the following Hash tags:
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Date : 1ST October 2015.    Time: 4pm -10pm

We wish to positively impact on our communities, this program is a means to this end. As we sacrifice and do our best,  we hope that young people and Small  business owners will be highly benefited. God bless. 9jaGreenArena  (Program Better life).

ABOUT 9jaGreenArena 

9jaGreenArena is a Non-Governmental organization focused on helping young people develop their IT and Entrepreneurial skills. The mission of the organization is to ensure the advancement of Social entrepreneurship especially through the IT sector. 9jaGreenArena provides training and development platforms in partnership with other corporate bodies, it also initiates and promotes platforms where young people are given an opportunity to implement and harness their preferred career paths. It is the vision of the organization to bring about community and capacity development through the programming of better life.

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